How To Protect Your Home From The "New School" Burglars

by Roy Primm
Black Community
Black Realtor

"Home protections not new

Prevention is better to do

Keeping valuables safe

Is a serious case

Burglars are getting smarter - are you?"
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They're quiet, silent and quick. In fact, usually you'll never know what hit you, until after it's happened. You feel violated and confused. What am I talking about? Home burglaries.

According to the latest statistics from the F.BI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) a home burglary occurs every 15.7 seconds.

Even if you feel safe and secure now don't fall into a sense of false security. That's a burglars favorite weapon against you; thinking it could never happen to you.

Don't depend on the police, the average response time is 5 to 10 minutes (more if you live in a black community, right? Can I get an Aaaa-men). And most burglars are in and out of your house in under 4 minutes according to the latest Federal Bureau of Investigation statistics.

In the past a strong lock and nosy neighbors was all it took to keep out most burglars. But these days with busy neighbors who seldom know each other. What do you do? It's silly to depend on your neighbors watching out for your home and possessions as your main line of defense.

Most burglars will tell you they've never seen a lock they can't pick, pry, pull or sledge-hammer off and most law enforcement officials would agree.

So how do you fight what most law enforcement officials term the "New School" burglar. The ones who know how to get around your alarms, double bolt locks and occasional nosy neighbor, or even your vicious yard dog? You fight the new school burglar with new school home protections of your own.

I'll give you tips on how to protect your home from the new school of home burglars. Yes burglars are updating their techniques. Are you updating your home protection knowledge? A good strong lock used to be all it took. Now it takes a strong awareness of new (low and no-cost) home protection methods.

Sure a fancy alarm with all the bells and whistles is great. But what do you do if you can't muster the cash to go that route? Here are 5 Tested Ways to Protect Your Home and Possessions.

1. Learn to think like a burglar.

This may sound like a strange suggestion but it works. Look at your house the way a burglar would look at it. If you wanted to get into your house without attracting attention do you see any weak or vulnerable spots (That's how burglars think)? How about that glass panel kitchen door? The shrubbery hiding doorways and windows, that would give a burglar a good hiding place and time to do his work. Or how about that sliding glass door? Any burglar worth his salt could lift it off the track in about 2 minutes if not secured by the proper locks and secondary stops.

2. Keep Up-To-Date On The Latest Home Protection Products.

Burglars are constantly updating their home burglary techniques and skills, after all it's there job too. So you should make it your job to update your home protection.

That always starts with awareness. Awareness of what's available in tools, equipment and information. All these continue to get cheaper and easier to gain access to for the average homeowner.

3. Get A Yearly Home Protection Inspection

Most local police departments will come out and give you a home inspection and suggest any updates you may need. Most security companies also offer free home security inspections (although they may want to sell you an alarm). Or you can hire your own security company to give you there unbiased opinion.

4. Stop Flashing (valuables).

Those fancy diamonds, slick watches or other bling-bling you like to flaunt could attract the wrong attention if you're not careful. The #1 motivation for a burglar choosing your home rather than another? Your home seemed the most vulnerable to them and they sensed or knew you have valuables they can sell quick.

5. Make It Hard Work For The Burglar As Much As Possible.

Easy access and easy escape routes form the burglars priority when choosing which home they'll break into. It's your job as a home owner to make it as hard as possible for him to accomplish those two goals without making your home look like Fort Knox. Properly placed shrubs, gates and lighting can do wonders to discourage a burglar from choosing your home. Most burglars hate to work too hard. They'll just choose an easier target. Your house should say "Don't Even Try It" to burglars.

5. Get Something That Makes Noise (alarm, dog, even shrubs or plants around windows).

One irritation a burglar hates if they can help it is noise. It lands them in jail more than anything. They love nothing more than quiet, private spots around your home to do their dirty work. So try to get something that makes noise or at least forces a burglar to make noise to get in. A law enforcement official was quoted as saying "it's surprising how many burglars enter homes through unsecured or flimsy windows, doors or gates that invite them in quietly".

Now take these suggestions and use them to up-date or maintain your homes security. It's the best way to keep what you've worked so long and hard to achieve, your possessions and your peace of mind. For more home security information Click Here!
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