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How To Survive Foreclosure ... or Avoid it Altogether!
 "New Rules Every Homeowner Should Know!"
  •  More Strategies to Survive Foreclosure Than Any Other Resource!
  • 17 Strategies to avoid foreclosure!
  • 22 Warnings to protect yourself!
  • 4 real-life stories of how others avoided foreclosure!
  • 7 foreclosure scams revealed and how to avoid them!
 And Much More!
 Black homeowners are the most victimized when it comes to unscrupulous lending practices.
  • Discover the latest slick, under-handed  tricks most mortgage lenders don't want you to know ... Even the big, established ones!
  • The first words out of your mouth to a lender can tell them how much money they can trick you out of. How to turn the tables on them -- fast!


  • You'll discover the 5 power words to make a lender work for your business.  - even with bad credit.
Former (Guilty Conscious) Mortgage Broker breaks code-of-silence and spills the beans ... Read More Here!


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