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About Us, inspired by the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans black homeowners - - is now one of the largest sources of information for the much-ignored black homeowner, offering guidance specific to black homeowners.

Based on the latest statistics from HUD (U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development), "black homeowners have unique challenges over other homeowners." Despite huge strides over the last 20 years black homeowners are still the most discriminated against when it comes to . . . 1. Home Loans
2. Home Sales
3. Home Improvement Scams
4. Predatory Lending Practices
5. Home Insurance (Redlining)
6. Home Repair Schemes
7. Blockbusting - Racial Steering
8. Home Maintenance Rip-offs
9. Housing Discrimination
10. Information Access
Fact: Most new housing related scams first practice and perfect themselves on the black community before moving to other communities. Why? Because of a lack of up-to-date information. serves to help combat these problems.

You get the latest information on predatory lending schemes, home improvement scams, low-cost ways to increase your homes value and more. With the flood of home improvement websites this is one of the first targeting the black homeowners needs. The website includes new tax and housing laws affecting the black homeowner.