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Are You A Smart Homeowner?
Take This Short Quiz.

Take this short quiz and see where you stand. Give yourself one point for each yes answer.

1. I get an insurance quote from at least 3 different companies each year. I do this to make sure I am getting the best value and service ...from my company and my agent.

2. I compare my home mortgage interest rate every 2 - 3 years to make sure I am getting the best deal, rate and value.

3. I have an escape route in each room of my home in case of fire. And each person who lives in my home knows the fire escape plan.

4. Because most emergency room visits result from home-related accidents. I am always on the alert for potential safety hazards and immediately correct them.

5. I keep up with the latest tax and housing laws -- to get the maximum advantages of owning a home.

6. To save money I have a tool kit to fix minor repairs. And I keep a home improvement manual to help me make minor repairs around the house.

7. I know my limitations and know how to seek help from a professional contractor, carpenter or electrician when I need one.

8. I use the space in my home efficiently by using space saving accessories such as shelving, organizers, storage racks and proper furniture placement.

9. I know where all water, gas and electrical emergency shut-off valves and switches are around my home. And I know how to use them.

10. I am a responsible neighbor and strive to keep my property in good cosmetic repair and by maintaining good landscaping and lawn care.

11. I watch out for my neighbors and their property because this encourages them to watch out for mine.

12. I respect my neighbor's privacy and their right not to hear my music, conversations or other noises before 8 am or after 10 pm ...at least.

10 - 12 Points: ... Congratulations, you are a smart and savvy homeowner.

7 - 9 Points: ... If you fell into this category you're close to your mark. Review the questions you missed, correct them. Then you can call yourself a smart & savvy homeowner.

4 - 6 Points: ... Take the time to focus on the areas you missed. Seek the advice of more knowledgeable homeowners and keep studying websites like this one.

4 and Below: ... If you scored in this category you could pose a danger to your finances, your home and to others. You should make a commitment to improve your home management skills before it's too late.

Whatever score you achieved on this quiz, I congratulate you. You've accomplished something most homeowners never achieve. Awareness!

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